Top 10 Best Vacuum Cleaners in India for Home 2021 -[Beginner Guide]

Top 10 Best Vacuum Cleaners in India for Home

Best Vacuum Cleaners in India:- In the Indian tradition, the home was clean with the help of brooms. But nowadays the trend becomes the change and new gadgets for house cleaning were also available at a reasonable rate. One of the most famous gadgets is the vacuum cleaner.

But once you get the benefits of a vacuum cleaner, then You will also like it. Vacuum cleaner cleans lots of things like sofas, couches, beds, and floors. Without feeling tiredness. The technology of this generation designed vacuum cleaner that is completely easy to use, noiseless and available at reasonable rates.

Best Vacuum Cleaner

Buying a vacuum cleaner for your home is a difficult task when you buying a vacuum cleaner for the first time. because lots of options are available in the market. So we have shortlisted best 10 vacuum cleaners for you according to our research team and users feedback

list of Best Vacuum cleaner in India

S.noVacuum CleanersTypePower
Capacity of Dust BagFilterWarrantyPrice list
1.Eureka Forbes Quick CleanerCanister12001 LitresBag Type1 YearClick
2. American MICRONICWet & Dry  160021 LitreBag Type 1 YearClick
3.Karcher WD3EU Wet & DryWet & Dry  110017 litre Bag Type1 YearClick
4.Eureka Forbes Trendy Nano Dry 1000Not listed Bag Type1 YearClick
5.Dyson V11 Absolute ProDry1400 Not listedNo Bag2 YearsClick
6.Eureka Forbes VogueDry14004 LitersBag less1 YearClick
7. Philips FC9352/01 Dry19001.5 LitersBag
2 YearsClick
8. Forbes Eureka Trendy Steel Dry 1300  3 litresBag 1 YearsClick
9. American Micronic AMI-VCCDry14001 LitresBag
1 YearsClick
10.Panasonic MC-CG303R14C  Dry 14001.2 Liters Bag
1 YearsClick

Best Vacuum Cleaner in India for offices and home

1. Eureka Forbes Quick Clean DX 1200

Performance: This is one of the best Brand for Vacuum cleaners and this company used german technology for Manufacturing the Vacuum cleaners. The Eureka Forbes Quick Cleaner comes with 1200 watt and their power makes it more effective and demanding in the market. This vacuum cleaner was given you extremely power-packed cleaning. This vacuum cleaner was also known as the best portable vacuum cleaner because of it, It is easy to use. The big wheels of Vacuum cleaner give accessibility to moving easily from one place to another place.

Best features

  • The Automatic Cord Winder gives a facility of easy to use and make your job easy.
  • The feature of (Dust bag full indicator) indicates when the Bag is fill up with dust and garbage.
  • You can regulate the Suction to control of the airflow.
  • The guarantee is of 1 year on the item.

package includes -: 4 Paper Bags, 1 Flexible Hose Pipe, 2 Extension Tube, 1 Floor cum Carpet Brush, 1 Crevice Nozzle, Upholstery Nozzle, Free Reusable dust Bag.

Pros Cons
Value for moneyCapacity is 1 litre
Great Performance Not appropriate for wet surfaces
Easy to store and easily portable Overheats very fast
Light in Weight

User Reviews

  1. This Product is best for easy cleaning of the critical aluminium window track. Very very Useful in Pillow sofa bed cleaning. Also easy to clean dust bag also. Overall this particular product is very required for every house.
  2. Bought this vacuum cleaner in sell at a discount rate and Very satisfied with this product at this price range. Eureka Forbes obviously is a nice product in a Vacuum cleaner segment. Pleasure experience with this purchasing.

2. American MICRONIC AMI-VCD21-1600WDx

Performance -: This is one of the ideal vacuum cleaners because of there multipurpose use in  Wet & Dry places. This gadget has a powerful motor that gives an unbeaten performance. This vacuum cleaner has a steel body finish and available in two colours red and black. Because of its multipurpose use, it has a high demand in the market. It is suitable for both wet and dry place.
This vacuum cleaner also contains a washable cleaning bag and can be reused over and over again. It is a traditional model and comes with a HEPA filter which is very efficient or effective in the separation of a dust particle.

Best features

  • You can use it wet places and as well as in dry places.
  • The Dust Bag of the vacuum cleaner are washable so, you can be reused over and over again.
  •  You can remove both solid particles and fluids particles easily.
  • The Stainless Steel elongates the life of vacuum cleaner.

package includes -: a unique crevice nozzle, warranty card, hosepipe, extension pipes, instructions manual, floor and carpet brushes, upholstery, Reusable Dust Bag, HEPA filter and nozzles.

Pros Cons
The capacity of 21 litres Makes a little more noise
Multipurpose usagePrice is so higher
Powerful suction and blowerNon-retractable power cord, carry the chord all along
Stainless steel body

User Reviews

Best product at this price range and value for money. Not sure about the longevity of the product as not put too much of use.

  1. Air Suction rate is very and the blower is magnificent. (5 Star)
  2. The best part also works for wet surface cleaning. (5 Star)
  3. The additional accessories mostly reach all nooks and crannies but are definitely short of smaller size accessories to reach the hole and corners in compact spaces, because of its size. (4 stars)
  4. Reasonably priced for its power and functionality compared to branded ones. (4.5 stars)
  5. The manoeuvrability of device while in use slightly on the heavier side (4 stars)

3. Karcher WD3EU

Performance-: This is an ideal Multi-purpose Vacuum Cleaner that can be used in wet places and as well as in dry places. The design of the vacuum cleaner is very attractive. This vacuum cleaner is one of the famous vacuum cleaners on Amazon and thousands of satisfied customers.
This vacuum cleaner used german technology in manufacturing and gives you a powerful performance. These Vaccum cleaners are one of the best mid-range.

Best features

  • The vacuum cleaner includes an easy pull & push locking system.
  • Easily park the cleaner at the time of cleaning.
  • Attractive yellow colour.
  • The Capacity of the 17 litres.
  • Support of powerfull mother for better performance.

Package includes -: Vacuum Cleaner, wet and dry floor nozzle, Service Nozel, warranty card, user guide, Dust Bag, cartage filter.

Pros Cons
Light in weightCable length is very short
Very energy efficientWheels are not very strong
Container capacity os 17 litresFewer service centres are available
A washable cartridge filter is available

User Reviews

  1. I did a lot of research before buying a vacuum cleaner best suited for home and I find Karcher is the best. It is very lightweight, easy to use, the attachment can be fitted easily. The most important is its high suction power and low power consumption. It is also having a long power cord approx 2-3 meter with a normal socket. The body plastic is really good and the steel tank container is also heavy quality. It is a German brand and made in Italy.
  2. Though it comes with only very few attachments, almost everything can be clean with that attachment. If you still want to buy some extra attachment, then you can buy the Karcher Car Cleaner set or you can go for individual attachment.

4. Eureka Forbes Trendy Nano Dry Vacuum Cleaner  

Performance -: Eureka Forbes Trendy Nano Dry Vacuum Cleaner is very trending in the market because of its compact size. This vacuum cleaner has come with a dust bag. This is an ideal vacuum cleaner for the perfect store and it can easily be carried across small and big houses. This machine comes with black and red dual colours combination that makes it very attractive and aesthetic.
This is one of the best Brand for Vacuum cleaners and this company used german technology for Manufacturing the Vacuum cleaners. It comes with the thermal load that protects it from overheating.

Best features

  • This vacuum cleaner is an ideal cleaner for small spaces.
  • Light in weight and very compact in size.
  • The feature of (Dust bag full indicator) indicates when the Bag is fill up with dust and garbage.
  • Superior filtration with a 3-layered electric filter.
  • This Eureka Forbes Trendy Nano comes with an Auto Cord Winder that very helps in easy and convenient storage of the cord.

package includes-: floor carpet brush, brush/nozzles, 2 Extension Tubes, 1 Flexible Hose Pipe, Forbes Nano Vacuum Cleaner.

Superior FiltrationMotor makes noise
Lightweight Only Dry Vacuum Cleaner
reasonable rateheating problem
Brand value

User Reviews

  1. Purchased this product from Flipkart… beautiful design, light weighted and really served the purpose of the purchase. Multipurpose (home, office & car). Doesn’t take much space to store them. Happy with its performance overall and recommended!
  2. Excellent one easy to use and very compatible best buy.

5. Dyson V11 Absolute Pro

Performance-: This vacuum cleaner comes with extremely great features. This vacuum cleaner changes there motor speed according to the surface or flooring you have. This vacuum cleaner is also known as a smart and intelligent vacuum cleaner. This is one of the best vacuum cleaners and it comes in the category of the cordless vacuum cleaner. This vacuum cleaner Intelligently optimizes power and run time. It can full charged in within 4.5 hours.
This vacuum cleaner comes with LCD screen displays battery run-time countdown. This feature makes it different from another Vaccum cleaner.

Best features

  • It is a cordless vacuum cleaner.
  • fully charged in within 4.5 hours.
  • This vacuum cleaner capable of spinning at 125,000 revolutions per minute.
  • It Comes with Pet Hair Collector.

package includes-:  Quick-release Soft Roller Cleaner Head, Wand storage clip, Charger, Docking Station,  Quick-release Mini Motorised tool, Crevice tool, Mattress Tool, Up-Top Adaptor.

A Cordless Vacuum CleanerVery Expansive
Charging time is very fastOnly dry cleaning
Comes with Pet Hair Collector not best for the price!
Low Weight

User Reviews

  1. There is absolutely nothing to dislike about this product. It is simply superb with minimal hassles and low maintenance. Yes, it is more expensive, but it gives you peace of mind when you know that your house can be spick and span with limited efforts. The customer care service was great. The instructing team of vacuum cleaner gives an easy and efficient way to use it and took added care to guide me through all the attachments and usage types.
  2. Great product from Dyson company. Very lightweight and easy to use. Battery performance is much better in this model. LCD provided in this model provides very useful information. The engineer who came for Installation was very professional, he explained in detail about the mechanism of the device and showed a demo of all included accessories.

6. Eureka Forbes Vogue

Performance-: This vacuum cleaner is available in only one colour red and silver. It has an attractive design and light indicators. This vacuum cleaner has a powerful Powerful Suction and Blower Functions. It can come with an Automatic Power Cable Winder. It is a multipurpose vacuum cleaner. The airflow of this vacuum cleaner 2.3 minutes/second.

Best features

  • Power controls are in your hand you can set the power to low, medium and high
  • This vacuum cleaner comes with Automatic Power Cable Winder.
  • It has an LED indicator which indicates various cleaning modes at the time of cleaning.
  • This cleaner is always ready to use because of its Built-in Accessory Storage.
  • This vacuum cleaner easy to use and this makes the cleaning process easy and simple.

package includes-: Vacuum Cleaner, User Manual, Demo CD, 6 Accessories, Blower Adaptor, warranty card, a crevice cleaner.

Pros Cons
Affordable price rangeThe blower is not more effective.
Performance goodThe heating problem in its tube.
6 accessories KitExcessively Noisy in the max throttle.
Attractive design
  1. Awesome product from Eureka Forbes brand. The suction power of the vacuum cleaner is powerful, as it is 1400 watts. any vacuum cleaners make sound, so this product also makes a little bit of noise. Hence, Don’t worry about it much. Go for it!
  2. This vacuum cleaner is the best example of great things come in small packages. Was sceptical about the cleaning efficiency, and not sure how to use one. But this was very easy to assemble and use and has been very handy in helping me clean. Would surely recommend it. Does heat up a little but that’s not been an issue as it cools down in five minutes or less of inactivity.

7. Philips FC9352/01

Performance-: Comes with a powerful motor of 1900 watt and gathered small residue particles from your home. This vacuum cleaner comes with a new cleaning technology like Powercyclone 5 which help in to isolate the dust residue from the air. One of the best thing in this cleaner is the Advanced dust container design for hygienic emptying.
Light in weight and easy freedom is available to move. Wheels for better motion controls and very compact in its size.

Best features

  • Make Very less noisy as compared to the other vacuum cleaners.
  • 1900 watt stronger motor for better suction power.
  • Available large wheels for the better motion controls in the vacuum cleaner.
  • Sound power level 82 dB comes in a stander range.
  • The of weight 4.5 kg is light compared to the other vacuum cleaners
  • Turbo Brush removes 25 per cent more hairs and dust.

package includes-: Accessories, User Manual and Warranty Card, Vacuum Cleaner.

Light in Weight Comes with very limited attachments
strong suction power no blower
No heating problem Can clean only dry surface
Compact in seize

User Reviews

  1. Product is with great quality and very efficient in there. Suction power is good, looks and finishing were mindblowing. A bit noisy though, but works well. Great value for money actually, especially if taken on 3 month EMI without any extra charges 😉
  2. This Vacuum cleaner gives an unbeatable in there work and with so many extra attachments it makes cleaning a bit easier. One in all… I will recommend everyone to have a go with this product…

8.Forbes Eureka Trendy Steel 

Performance-: Eureka Forbes is one of the very trustable brands in the vacuum cleaner market. The Auto Cord Finder gives you an extremely impactful experience in cleaning. Forbes Eureka Trendy Steel is one of the best models of Eureka Forbes Brand. This vacuum cleaner not very heavy and easily moved across your house.
The feature of (Dust bag full indicator) indicates when the Bag is fill up with dust and garbage. This vacuum cleaner is perfect for your home purpose and comes in your Budget range easily. It is a highly durable material that makes the cleaner very demandable and popular in the market.

Best features

  • The length of the Auto Cord is sufficient length for any purpose of cleaning.
  • The feature of (Dust bag full indicator) indicates when the Bag is fill up with dust and garbage.
  • Not very heavy and easily moved across your house.
  • Superior Air Filtration for the cleaning process.
  • it comes with a Sturdy ABS Body which is a highly durable material.
  • Both suction and blower functions are very efficient in working.

package includes-: One Flexible Hose Pipe, one All Purpose Nozzle, 1 Precision Cleaner, 1 Spray Jar, 1 Atomiser, 1 Dust Bag, one Grill Brush, 1 Coat Brush, 1 Car Wash Adopter, 1 Upholstery Cleaner, 1 Crevice Nozzle, 1 Top Clean Adapter, two Extension Tubes, 1 Floor Brush, one Carpet Brush Demo CD & user manual.

Pros Cons
Different power controls for different cleaning needsCan get hot quite soon
Comes with perfect packagingThe material of the body of the cleaner
light in weightNot a powerful Motor
Attractive in there lookCleaner Flexi pipe was not strong

User Reviews

  1. It’s perfect with all those accessories. I was thinking of buying some extra accessories to clean sofa and car but when I started cleaning, I found the accessories enough to deal with the issues. The superb suction power and the well-designed brushes are perfectly capable of cleaning the surface, sofa and car. The suction is so powerful that at some places I have to reduce it. Perfect design of accessories play a vital role in cleaning by vacuum and I realized it after using it. Overall I am quite happy with the product. Hope this review will help you in deciding what you are buying.
  2. Awesome product. got it in big billion days for 6.7k. cleaned micro dust perfectly for carpet, sofa, all corners of the house where there were dust n pollen grains (fridge back, bed wall corner, wall unit down n back), fan front-facing side..overall it worked perfectly. It is perfect for your all needs.

9. American Micronic AMI-VCC

Performance-: It comes with an attractive body look which is best for house purpose. This is a Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner. Because of its multifunctioning feature, it is highly in demand. It is very attractive and classy in there look. It is an ideal mix of looks and execution. There is an old model vacuum cleaner which does not prove to be more effective on the interior of the new type of house.
This vacuum cleaner comes with a 1-litre dust bag which is a good feature of this vacuum cleaner. A vacuum dust bag is also available with this vacuum cleaner which increases its maintenance and durability.

Best features

  • You can utilize it to clean both dry and wet surfaces.
  • Stainless steel body for its more durability.
  • It comes with a powerful motor. Which that makes your cleaning process a lot easier.
  • It comes with a washable dust bag.

package includes-: Extension pipes, hosepipe, warranty card, upholstery nozzles, user guide, floor and carpet brushes.

Pros Cons
The powerful motor of 1400 Watt.Makes marginally more noise
Attractive DesignPrice is too much
Very energy efficient Non-retractable power cord, carry the chord all along

User Reviews

  1. Bought this vacuum cleaner for Diwali cleaning of the house and it gives a good performance. Was tempted to get cheaper options earlier like Inalsa, Eureka Forbes etc but I noticed many people complain about lack of build quality or unable to use vacuum for more than 10 mins due to heating, etc, so decided to with this one as I already have American Micronics air fryer which is serving me well and had impressed me with their built quality. I have fair bit experience of using a vacuum cleaner as this my second vacuum cleaner first one being from BPL which I used for more than a 2 decade.
  2. Cute look, easy to carry with retractable cable with a good length…Good suction clears powdered dust too. Build quality of the body could be a bit better.

10. Panasonic MC-CG303R14C 

Performance-: Panasonic MC-CG303R14C is a very good technology build vacuum cleaner, due to its lightweight and the wheels provided in it, it makes it very easy to move from one corner to another in the house. Panasonic is a well-known brand in the market due to which its vacuum cleaners also remain in high demand and give good performance in terms of cleaning.

Best features

  • This vacuum cleaner is very light in weight.
  • This vacuum cleaner also comes with a washable dust bag.
  • Makes less noise if we compare it to other vacuum cleaners.
  • This vacuum cleaner also comes with adjustable power controls.

package includes-: Operating Manual, Warranty Card, 15 Accessories and Vacuum cleaner.

Pros Cons
Light in weightsometimes Heats up a problem
Adjustable power controlsVery Less Noisy
retractable power cord

User Reviews

  1. This one’s very light but feels durable. The exhaust blower function is sorto’ just ok. I’m used to a Eureka Forbes Euroclean model. The suction and blower functions in that device were tremendous! But the Euroclean was a big bulky and unwieldy device. That said, the dust bag in the Panasonic is rather small and emptying it is a real chore.. dust clinging to the cloth and all. There is an indicator that goes ON when the bag is full .. this I found useful. The model that I bought doesn’t have power control but has a vacuum regulator on the hose.
  2. Expected results from a Panasonic. Great! Regularly clean the cloth/fibre bag since it can reduce the suction power. Do NOT breathe the dust that comes out of the bag while cleaning. I regularly use it vacuum my mattress and won’t imagine the fine dust that is accumulated within the fibres.

Frequently Asked Questions

1-: What is the best vacuum cleaner of 2021?

The best vacuum cleaners of the year 2021 belong to Dyson company. This vacuum cleaner is easily available in the market with lots of colour variants, dry and weight cleaners and different features. Apart from this vacuum cleaner, vacuum cleaners of many other companies have a very good price range. And different features are available which you can know through the table above.

2-: What can you do with a wet or dry vacuum cleaner?

A dry and wet vacuum cleaner can do all kinds of cleaning. It can deal with both dust and garbage dust. You can use it for both types of cleaning. This type of vacuum cleaner is always high in demand. People love this type of vacuum cleaner because it is a multipurpose vacuum cleaner.

3-: Which is the best vacuum cleaner to purchase?

To buy a good vacuum cleaner you should not see which vacuum cleaner is more sold, rather you should see which vacuum cleaner meets all your needs and is in your budget and the vacuum cleaner of a good company.

4-: What are the best Vacuum cleaner brands accessible in India?

A good brand gives you a reliable warranty time period and in case of a product defect, Solve the problem within a short time period. Trusted brand names are given below.

  • Dyson
  • Eureka Forbes
  • Philips
  • Panasonic
  • American Micronic
  • Hitachi
  • Karcher


Nowadays, cleaning has also become a difficult task, to make it easy, tools like vacuum cleaners are available in the market and its trend has started in India as well. In the upcoming time period, this will be an important requirement for every house. If you have decided to buy a vacuum cleaner, then you have to buy a vacuum cleaner that meets all your needs.


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