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Different Types of Vacuum Cleaner Filter in India

Vacuum Cleaners have started to dominate every houseHold. As there are many different types of vacuum cleaners present in the market.

As we all know by now the vacuum cleaner sucks the dust particles and dirt in to clean the surface it is used on. In this process, it collects all the dirt in a bag or bin.

And then it releases the Air into the surrounding. But that air could contain allergens, bacteria, viruses, dust mites if directly released into surroundings.

To overcome this problem the vacuum cleaner is fitted with an air filter. Different types of vacuum cleaner filters are fitted in the different types of Vacuum cleaners.


Types of Vacuum Cleaner

There are many different types of vacuum cleaner filters present in the market. You must first know which type of vacuum cleaner suits your needs.

Or you will be sharing much more then you planned to spend. There are mainly two types of vacuum cleaners:-

Primary Vacuum Cleaner Filter

Nowadays many vacuum cleaner filters are fitted with 2 filters in which the primary filter serves as the main filter. It collects almost most of the dirt and dust particle present in the air which has been sucked in before it is released back into the environment.

Secondary Vacuum Cleaner Filter

It is the second filter through which the air is passed after it has been through the primary filter. It cleans the air before it gets in touch with the many parts of the machine or the external environment as well.

If you are worried about the airborne microbes, pet dander and allergens. Then you only need a strong secondary filter.

Types of Filter

Let’s discuss the different types of filters present for the vacuum cleaners. Some of them are listed below and are explained with there use in vacuum cleaners so that you do not get confused.

Cartridge Filters

Cartridge Filters

The Cartridge Vacuum Cleaner filter can easily be replaced and should be changed from time to time. First thing you should do before changing the filter is to remove them from the vacuum cleaner and then remove the dust to increase the efficiency of the machine. These are easy to clean and replace. They are fitted with the rubber casing so they slide easily in there space. Made with form, synthetic products.

Cloth Filter

cloth filter

This type of vacuum cleaner filter is fitted into the large vacuum cleaners which are used to clean large dust particles. These are used in shops and for industrial purposes. These can be washed again and again to reuse before buying a new filter.

Form Filter

form filter

The form filter is mostly used as the secondary filter. As it can only be used to filter the air which first has been separated from the dust and dirt particles. Some of the form filters can be washed and reused but before reusing refer manufacturer guide first.

Disk Filter

Disk filter

Disk filter is mostly used as a primary filter. It is mostly made up of cloth or paper. These filters are mostly used in latest cordless vacuum cleaners or in robotic vacuum cleaners. They can hold a reasonable amount of dust before they are needed to be replaced/washed. These are usually more expensive than other vacuum cleaner filters.

Features of Vacuum Cleaner Filters

These features are common among many filters present in the market or mentioned above. Here is a list of some common features of Vacuum cleaner filters.

HEPA Filters

High-Efficiency Particulate Air filter is pronounced as HEPA filter. The filters are capable of removing 99.995% of all air particles from the size of 0.3 microns.

These filters can stop of pathogens, allergens and particles that cause asthma as they are made of special fibres and electrostatic field. HEPA filter vacuum cleaners are we suitable for people who are allergic or asthmatic.

ULPA Filters

Ultra Low Penetration Air filter in short form is known as ULPA filter. These filters are used in the environments like pharmaceutical labs where high standard of air is to be maintained. These are usually non washable and wear out pretty fast.

There are many different types of filters present but not available in India like:-

1. MicroFresh filters
2. Allergen filters
3. Washable filters
4. Pet filters
5. Wet/dry filters
6. Scented filters

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If we missed anything do comment below so that we can add on to our article.

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